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Abdul Qaiyum , Ramle (2022) Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of functionalized indolenine derivatives / Abdul Qaiyum Ramle. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Abdulhadi Muftah , Faraj Benrabha (2022) Room temperature modified magnetic particles based dispersive solid-phase extraction for the determination of phthalates and mercury(II) ions in water / Abdulhadi Muftah Faraj Benrabha. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Afiq , Anwar (2022) Catalytic reaction of mediated oxidation in ethylbenzenes and benzyl alcohol using gold supported on zinc oxide catalyst / Afiq Anwar. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Afiqah Fasihah , Abdul Rahim (2022) Functional interrogation of CRISPR-CAS9 mediated EpCAM knockout in breast cancer cells / Afiqah Fasihah Abdul Rahim. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Ahmad Fauzan , Yusoff (2022) Petrology and geochemistry of host rock and gold mineralization at southern part of Ulu Sokor gold deposit, Kelantan, Malaysia / Ahmad Fauzan Yusoff. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Ahmad Syihan , Mat Udin (2022) Phylogeny and prevalence of filarial parasites (nematoda: onchocercidae) from the common treeshrew (Tupaia glis) in Peninsular Malaysia / Ahmad Syihan Mat Udin. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Ahmed Qasim , Abdulhussein (2022) Magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer for determination of neonicotinoid pesticides in honey by UHPLC-QQQ-MS/MS / Ahmed Qasim Abdulhussein. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Aizuddin Ahmad , Kamely (2022) Molten fluoride salt-assisted synthesis of mxenes as potential material for nonlinear photonic devices and applications / Aizuddin Ahmad Kamely. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Arullthevan , Rajendram (2022) Molecular characterisation and functional analyses of Musa acuminata Pathogenesis-related 10 (MaPR10) gene / Arullthevan Rajendram. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Asma , Omar Obaid (2022) Spectroscopic studies on the chiral recognition of ketoprofen enantiomers using different selectors / Asma Omar Obaid. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Beh , Jing Theng (2022) Geodesic deviation equation in symmetric teleparallel gravity / Beh Jing Theng. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Bushra , Naureen (2022) Synthesis and characterization of polypropylene fumarate and poly[(R)-3 hydroxybutyrate]-based polyurethane scaffolds for tissue engineering / Bushra Naureen. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Cai , Changqing (2022) Spatio-temporal analysis of land environment changes in Klang, Malaysia / Cai Changqing. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Cham , Hui (2022) Developing an ecological visualization system for biodiversity and water quality data / Cham Hui. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Chang , Yeet Hoong (2022) Exploration of polymer-based nanocomposites as dopamine electrochemical sensors / Chang Yeet Hoong. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Che Muhammad Farhan , Che Abdullah (2022) Elucidating the role of FOXJ3 in regulating the expression of super enhancer associated KLF6 in kidney cancer cells / Che Muhammad Farhan Che Abdullah. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Chu , Yi Zhi (2022) First-principles study of two-dimensional Mg2C as an anode material for metal-ion batteries / Chu Yi Zhi. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Farah Nadiah , Nordin (2022) Waste biomass assisted synthesis of silicon nanostructures for photoelectrochemical water splitting / Farah Nadiah Nordin. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Firas Abed , Ahmed Al-Ezzi (2022) Shell model calculations within SDPF-U Hamiltonian around N=20 region in "Island of inversion" / Firas Abed Ahmed Al-Ezzi. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Fung , Shi Ming (2022) Characterization of the reactive oxygen species and reactive nitrogen species defense system in berangan banana / Fung Shi Ming. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Gan , Chun Hau (2022) Synthesis, characterization and biological activities of photocorms derived from cyclopentadienyl iron dimer with organosulfur and organoselenium ligands / Gan Chun Hau. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Hairani , Tahir (2022) Extraction of proteins from natural rubber latex wastewater for metal removal and its antimicrobial properties / Hairani Tahir. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Hanisah , Ali (2022) Tissue culture of Orthosiphon stamineus and effects of abiotic stress exposure on somaclonal variation / Hanisah Ali. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Heng , Yi Xin (2022) Synthesis and characterization of palm-oil-based polymeric surfactant as biocompatible additives for natural rubber latex film / Heng Yi Xin. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Khasmidatul Akma , Mohamed Kamal Azmi (2022) Particle track finding using hough transform in a central drift chamber detector / Khasmidatul Akma Mohamed Kamal Azmi. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Khor , Jing Herng (2022) Agronomic traits and phytochemical content of popularly grown tomato cultivars in Malaysia / Khor Jing Herng. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Kumuthini , Chandrasekaram (2022) Sporopollenin supported imidazolium-based ionic liquids: Synthesis, adsorption studies, and application in mixed matrix membrane for phenol extraction / Kumuthini Chandrasekaram. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Lau , Chia Fong (2022) Paediatric orthopaedic fracture healing prediction system / Lau Chia Fong. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Lee , Wei Wei (2022) Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus as a Nanoparticle: Biodistribution, immunostimulation and expression / Lee Wei Wei. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Lee , Yap Chen (2022) Poly (acrylamide-co-acrylic acid) gel polymer electrolytes for quantum dot-sensitized solar cells / Lee Yap Chen. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Lim , Lih Wei (2022) Performance enhancement of P3HT:PC61BM organic solar cells via acetic acid treatment approach / Lim Lih Wei. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Liu , Jiawen (2022) Ferroptosis-related long noncoding RNA signature predicts the prognosis of clear cell renal cell carcinoma / Liu Jiawen. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Maryam , Hina (2022) Self-healable functional polymer hydrogel electrolytes based energy storage devices for electronic applications / Maryam Hina. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Marziyeh , Alinejad (2022) Natural sensitizers for solar cell based on gel polymer electrolytes containing iodide/triiodide redox couple / Marziyeh Alinejad. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Mei , Juan Wong (2022) CRISPR-CAS9 HSF4-targeted for clear cell renal cell carcinoma proliferation capacity, colony and tumorspheres formation / Mei Juan Wong. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Mohamad Harris , Nasir (2022) Population genetics and anticoagulant resistance of Rattus tiomanicus in oil palm plantation inferred from VKORC1 gene mutations / Mohamad Harris Nasir. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Muhammad Farhan, Abd Wahab (2022) Biogeography and systematics of the eulipotyphlans (Genus Chimarrogale, Hylomys and Crocidura) from Peninsular Malaysia / Muhammad Farhan Abd Wahab. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Muhammad Nazri , Ishak (2022) Identification and pathogenicity of Pantoea spp. in leaf blight disease of Oryza sativa l. located at IADA Barat Laut Selangor / Muhammad Nazri Ishak. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Muhammad Nazzim Muaz, Abdul Halim (2022) In vitro bioactivities of Tabernaemontana divaricata andTabernaemontana divaricata ‘Flore Pleno’ variant / Muhammad Nazzim Muaz Abdul Halim. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Muhammad Rafiq , Mohd Isa (2022) The role of kenaf and montmorillonite clay on the enhancement of the properties of polyhydroxybutyrate composites / Muhammad Rafiq Mohd Isa. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Muhammad Solleh , Asmadi (2022) Natural convection heat transfer analysis of copper-alumina/water hybrid nanofluid in a U-shaped enclosure / Muhammad Solleh Asmadi. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Nassrin Abdulgalel , Badroon (2022) In vitro and in vivo assessment of antiproliferative, apoptotic and antitumorigenic effects of cardamonin against hepg2 hepatocellular carcinoma cells / Nassrin Abdulgalel Badroon. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Ng , Yin Zhuang (2022) Gold nanosphere-thioctic acid-Zn(Salophen) conjugate: Synthesis, characterisation, toxicity and protein interaction / Ng Yin Zhuang. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Nor Asni , Abdullah (2022) Evaluation of heavy metal bioremediation potential using microbes from contaminated landfill soil / Nor Asni Abdullah. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Norshahirah , Mohamad Saidi (2022) Rational design of PAN:P(VP-co-VAC) polymer blend gel electrolyte incorporating functional additives for dye-sensitized solar cells / Norshahirah Mohamad Saidi. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Nur Hafiza , Abd Halim (2022) Influence of organic deposit on Rhizophora spp. growth and sediment chemical properties in Tanjung Piai mangrove forest, Johor / Nur Hafiza Abd Halim. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Nur Khuzaimah Farhana , Abd Aziz (2022) Terpolymer based gel electrolytes: Augmented redox couple diffusion via iodide salts and copper(II) oxide nanofiller for dye-sensitized solar cells / Nur Khuzaimah Farhana Abd Aziz. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Nur Raihan , Abdul Jalil (2022) Quadratic inference function with ridge estimator for myopic regret-regression: The short-term strategy in optimal dynamic treatment regimes / Nur Raihan Abdul Jalil. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Nurul Akmal , Muhamad (2022) Medicinal plant knowledge of the Temuan tribe in Kampung Orang Asli Hulu Kemensah, Ampang, Selangor and the evaluation of anti inflammatory properties of three selected plants / Nurul Akmal Muhamad. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Nurul Atiqah , Zulkifli (2022) Prinsip bioetika Islam dalam teknologi pengeditan genom manusia / Nurul Atiqah Zulkifli. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Nurul Hanani , Baderol Hisham (2022) Interrogation of structural variations of pro-oncogenic AGR2 protein in supporting esophageal cancer progression / Nurul Hanani Baderol Hisham. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Nurul Shahidah , Mohamad Shahripoddin (2022) Development of alkyl polyglucosides (APG) nanoemulsions containing ibuprofen as a delivery system for pharmaceutics / Nurul Shahidah Mohamad Shahripoddin. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Okundalaye Oluwaseun , Olumide (2022) An optimal homotopy asymptotic method for finding solutions of non-linear fractional mathematical models / Okundalaye Oluwaseun Olumide. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Ooi , Chong Seng (2022) Effect of gas flow rate and deposition pressure toward the crystallographic and surface morphology of semi-polar (112̅2) gallium nitride grown by MOCVD / Ooi Chong Seng. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Rosalia , Rani (2022) Study on the responses of glutathione S-transferase Acidovorax sp. KKS102 towards antibiotics / Rosalia Rani. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Sadia Afrin , Proma (2022) Public participation in the decision making of disposal facility sitings in Dhaka, Bangladesh / Sadia Afrin Proma. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Salanee , Kandandapani (2022) Biophysical and in silico characterization of the interaction of anticancer drugs with human serum albumin / Salanee Kandandapani. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Salwa , Jamal M Kamal (2022) Phenyl rings mesogenic core of azo-ester based liquid crystals: Synthesis, mesomorphic and optical properties / Salwa Jamal M Kamal. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Saminatha Kumaran , Veloo (2022) Optimization of transport properties of poly (acrylamide-co-acrylic acid) based polymer electrolytes / Saminatha Kumaran Veloo. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Sara Elsaied , Ahmed Ali (2022) Feasibility of peanut residual cake extract as the coagulant for water turbidity removal / Sara Elsaied Ahmed Ali. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Sharmilla, Ashokhan (2022) Influence of plant growth regulators on content of Azadirachtin and proteome profile in neem callus under jasmonic acid and salt stress conditions / Sharmilla Ashokhan. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Silvaraj , David (2022) Synthesis and characterization of N hydroxymethylacrylamide based self-healable hydrogels for supercapacitor / Silvaraj David. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Siti Amira , Mat Hussin (2022) Synthesis, characterization and application of menthol-based low transition temperature mixtures for the vortex- assisted dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction of pyrethroids from water samples / Siti Amira Mat Hussin. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Siti Anis Khairani , Alwi (2022) Comparative study of naphthalocyanine-based near infrared organic photodiode using VTTBNc:PC61BM and VTTBNc:PC71BM blend films / Siti Anis Khairani Alwi. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Siti Hannah , Mat Zin (2022) Experimental study of piezoelectric and dielectric responses in Poly-L-lactic acid / Siti Hannah Mat Zin. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Sulaiman , S.A. Alghafri (2022) Gallium-doped zinc oxide nanorods for photocatalytic performance under solar irradiation / Sulaiman S.A. Alghafri. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Tan , Ka Yun (2022) Discovery and analysis of Paraburkholderia fungorum genome associated with Manis javanica / Tan Ka Yun. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Tan , Ke En (2022) Identification and characterization of a novel Epstein-barr virus-encoded circular RNA from LMP-2 Gene / Tan Ke En. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Tan , Shay Kee (2022) Robust volatility measures and multivariate models for volatilities and returns with financial applications / Tan Shay Kee. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Tang , Hung Yung (2022) Systematic palaeontology of marine carboniferous fossils from Bukit Buchu, Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia / Tang Hung Yung. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.

Tay , Hui Yee Zoe (2022) Evaluation of selected tropical marine microalgal cultures for use in biophotovoltaic platforms / Tay Hui Yee Zoe. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Vickneswary , Vadivelu (2022) Current state and future prospect of solar energy in an electronic device manufacturing company / Vickneswary Vadivelu. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Wan Aishah , Wan Harun (2022) Lithium-7 problem in solar-like stars / Wan Aishah Wan Harun. Masters thesis, Universiti Malaya.


Yong , Ming Yee (2022) Environmentally friendly epoxy and alkyd coatings derived from natural rubber / Yong Ming Yee. PhD thesis, Universiti Malaya.

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